Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission

Established as an independent unit within the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), the Commission will establish criteria, standards and requirements to ensure that stem cell research financed by the newly established Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund complies with state law.

Public Statement

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission (Commission) would like to congratulate all new and inspiring discoveries in the field of stem cell research.

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund has been established by the Maryland General Assembly, under the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006 (the "Stem Cell Act"), to promote state funded human stem cell research through grants to public and private entities in the state. The fundamental provisions of the Stem Cell Act adopted by the Maryland legislators, expressly providing that the MSCRF and the Commission are to support all types of human stem cell research, have proven themselves as significant new discoveries continue to emerge in the stem cell field.

The MSCRF supports and will continue to support groundbreaking research on all kinds of human stem cells, as well as medical treatments, in order to ensure development of new medical strategies through human stem cell research on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases and conditions.

The Commission has established several funding mechanisms for the MSCRF, including Investigator-Initiated and Exploratory Research Grants, as well as Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grants, and other new programs are yet to come.