Funding Opportunities

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund provides a variety of grant programs for human stem cell research in the state of Maryland. Each RFA has its own timeline and review process; please read carefully the RFA when applying.





Discovery Research Program is soliciting applications for Research, which are designed for new innovative ideas in the stem cell field without preliminary data.

A single Application for Discovery Research Grant may request up to $345,000 for up to two years project.


Validation Programis soliciting applications to foster the transition of promising stem cell technologies having significant commercial potential from Universities and research labs, to the commercial sector, where they can be developed into products and services that meet identified market needs.

A single Application for Validation Grant may request up to $230,000 for up to 18 month project.

Commercialization Programis soliciting applications specifically for the creation of Start-up companies or new technologies developed in MD based companies.

A single Application for Commercialization Grant may request up to $300,000 for up to 12 month project.


Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program is soliciting nationwide applications from exceptional post-doctoral fellows who wish to conduct research in academia or in Industry in the State of Maryland.

Each Fellowship will be up to $65,000 per year, for up to two years.


Clinical Program is soliciting Clinical Stem Cell Research Applications from organizations that wish to conduct clinical trials in the State of Maryland using human stem cells to advance medical therapies.

A single Application for Clinical Research Grant may request up to $750,000 for up to two years project. Clinical Projects shall require a 1:1 match of non-state money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for all the programs are available in the link.

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updated 10/20/16