Validation Program

The Validation Program was created to foster the transition of promising stem cell technologies having significant commercial potential from Universities and research labs where they were discovered, to the commercial sector, where they can be developed into products and services that meet identified market needs.  Specifically, it is the intent of the Validation Program to foster the commercialization of such technologies through technology validation, market assessment, and the creation of University start-up companies in Maryland. It is also the intent of the Program to foster collaborations between various schools, departments, and institutions within research organizations in the State.

MSCRF is using an Online Application Submission System for all our Applications! Please note that you must have a user account and submit your full Application using this system.


Application Submission Deadline: January 17, 2019, by 5:00 p.m.

Peer Review Date(s):  March 2019

Commission Review Date(s):  May 2019

Earliest Anticipated Start Date:  June 2019

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