2018 Awardees

Round 2

Clinical Grant Recipient:

Dr. Luis Garza

Johns Hopkins University - Stem Cell Therapy to Convert Stump Skin to Palmo-Plantar Skin in Amputees

Dr. Anthony Oliva

Longeveron, LLC - Longeveron Mesenchymal Stem Cells (LMSCs) to Improve Vaccine Response in Aging Frailty


Commercialization Grant Recipient:

Dr. Luiz Alvarez

Theradaptive, Inc. - Development of a Biphasic MSC Delivery System for the Repair of Osteochondral Defects


Validation Grant Recipients:

Dr. Warren Grayson

Johns Hopkins University - Oxygen-Delivering BiO2-Bone Scaffolds for Regenerating Vascularized Craniofacial Bone

Dr. Tonya Webb

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Convertible Natural Killer T cells for Immunotherapy


Discovery Grant Recipients:

Dr. Samarjit Das

Johns Hopkins University - Design and Use of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Bioreactors in Myocardial Preservation

Dr. Valina Dawson

Johns Hopkins University - Neurotoxic Astrocytes in Neurodegeneration

Dr. Ricardo Feldman

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Targeting a Novel Lysosomal Sphingolipid-Sensing Mechanism for Reversal of GBA1-Associated Neurodegeneration

Dr. Xiaofeng Jia

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Novel 3D Bioprinted Scaffolds to Promote Neural Crest Stem Cell Mediated Nerve Regeneration

Dr. Minjung Kim

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Reducing RAB GTPase14 to Drive in Vitro Human Erythropoiesis

Dr. Gabsang Lee

Johns Hopkins University - Optically-Induced VEFG Activation in Human Endothelial Cells

Dr. Rachana Mishra

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Mesenchymal Stem Cells Preserve Right Ventricular Function in a Neonatal Swine Model of Pressure Overload by Releasing GDF15 and miR-132 Enriched Exosomes

Dr. Satoru Otsuru

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Developing MSC-Derived Extracellular Vesicle Therapy for Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Dr. Pankaj Pasricha

Johns Hopkins University - Identification and Isolation of the Human Enteric Neural Stem Cell: Laying Foundation for Curing Achalasia

Dr. Arun Venkatesan

Johns Hopkins University - A Human Stem Cell-Derived Sensory Neuron Model of VZV Infection

Dr. Hilary Vernon

Johns Hopkins University - Development of an iPSC Derived Cellular Model of Barth Syndrome:

Towards Novel Therapeutic Discovery

Dr. Jiou Wang

Johns Hopkins University - A Novel 3D Microphysiological Brain Model for Studying Neurodegenerative Disease ALS/FTD


Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grant Recipients:

Dr. Adriana Blazeski

Johns Hopkins University - Study of Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy Using a Syncytial Model of hiPSCs

Dr. Muthukumar Gunasekaran

University of Maryland, Baltimore - Donor Derived Exosomes as Non-Invasive Serum Biomarker for Immune Rejection Following Human Neonatal Cardiac Progenitor Cell Transplantation

Dr. Kenji Johnson

Johns Hopkins University - Use of 3D Minibrain Organoids for Studying C9orf72 ALS/FTD Disease Mechanisms

Dr. Minseong Kim

Johns Hopkins University - Modeling of Parkinsons Disease using PD-Patients iPSCs-Derived Dopaminergic Neurons with Optical Controllable Alpha-Synuclein

Dr. Mehreen Kouser

Johns Hopkins University - Manganese-Enhanced MRI For Interrogating Astrocyte Replacement in A Mouse Model of ALS

Dr. Su Chan Lee

Johns Hopkins University - Generation of Cancer Progression Models through New Optogenetic Tool to Control p53 in iPSCs

Dr. Seungman Park

Johns Hopkins University - Functional Property Evaluation of iPSC-Derived Cardiac Tissues for Optimized Heart Disease Treatment

Dr. Wei Zhu

Johns Hopkins University - 3D Vascularized Hydrogel Scaffold to Carry Stem Cells for Traumatic Brain Injury Repair